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Do you know someone who really pushes your buttons? When you think of them you get that tugging sensation, there is an energy that’s risen?

These people are in your awareness because what’s annoying about them is a part of you you have ignored.

Is your neighbor really too chatty or have you decided that you don’t have anything that important to say?

Is this person really too heavy to wear that dress or are you not acknowledging how beautiful your own body is?

Do these people really spend too much money on frivolous things or do you just not allow yourself to have that much money?

Is this person too preachy or do you just not trust yourself enough to be so loud about what you know?

Are we really polluting the earth are you aware that your own judgements are polluting the world and beyond?

If any of this feels light to you (one of the question opens up more possibilities in your world than the other one), would you give yourself a chance to be annoying, to wear the outfit you would never dare wearing, to claim how much money you REALLY want to receive, to completely trust your awarenesses and to ask what it would take to let go of your judgements?

Would you even share it here?

And if you want to let go of your judgements without having to “work” at it, come take my Bars Class this Sunday. Register here: http://www.accessconsciousness.com/class_details.asp?cid=20111


What does a creator’s life look like? Of course, who cares? Your life is probably as magical as mine and your moments so unique to your being I would never dare ask you to compare. So while I am describing here some of what I am creating, I ask that you ask yourself this: What else is possible for me? AND Is this an energy I would like to have in my life?

Since March I have been choosing to fulfill the prerequisites to become a Certified Access Facilitator. I am finishing them up right now, with the Facilitator training in Costa Rica in August. It’s been pretty amazing to immerse myself in so much Access material so intensely! I get to completely choose my life every 10 seconds!

It is also much more difficult to make my life dramatic because I have so much going on, I don’t have time for Drama. LOL!

I am about to go to France and hang out with my families (husband, kids, parents, sister) for over 3 weeks. I realized how many point of views I had about that and I have been stepping out of it and seeing it all as Interesting Point Of Views. The space feels much larger and I can now ask: What would it take for this trip to be constant Ease, Joy and Glory?

Right after France I am going to Seattle for Right Voice For You with Blossom Benedict. I am super thrilled about it and to learn to facilitate the class as well 🙂

The next weekend I am co-facilitating a Bars class with my extraordinary friend Gabrielle Vena, in Redondo Beach. How did I get so lucky?

The following weekend I am joining my friend Lisa in Las Vegas for my second Access Level 1. Can I just say “Watch out!”? Level 1 is all about creating YOUR Life. What else is possible?

A couple of weeks later my husband, daughters and I are going to Winston Salem, North Carolina for a week. We used to live there so this will be a great time to reconnect with old friends. I am also looking forward to creating a few Access Consciousness Intros around money, business, creativity and parenting. If you would like to know about these, please email me at sophie.mihalko@gmail.com.

Then Access Level 2&3 in San Francisco with the phenomenal Mr. Gary Douglas. The last one I was very sick, so I am looking forward to doing this one being healthy 🙂

3 days later, I am flying out to Costa Rica in style 🙂

How much more phenomenal can my life get?

Can you feel things changing? Can you feel how much more is now available? Do you know it is all accessible to you?

I have been changing and evolving for a few months and I am now ready to come out! I am the Badass Of Consciousness and I dare you to be happy!

I have a new website and blog: BadassOfConsciousness.com Please join us!

If you are following this blog, please come and join the new one as it is where we are now writing from.

I am still choosing Bliss, but now I know much more is possible. Being the Badass of consciousness to me means I not only choose more, I am also daring you to choose with me.

How does it get any better than this?



Have you ever wondered if we are dreaming or if this is really it? Sometimes I feel like this life is a huge board game and we are all pieces on the board. The difference is, we have free will so we get to tell the players (the Universe) where to move usand what actions to take.

But it really is all for fun. How do I know? Because the more fun I have, the more I get done. The more fun I have, the more money I get. The more fun I have, the more people want to be in my life. The more I have fun, the more I care. The ore I have fun. the more incredibly beautiful and powerful my body feels.

What is fun for me may be different than what is fun for you. So I can’t tell (and NOBODY can) tell you what to do, you got to choose for yourself. And if you are not sure at first, just try different things. In fact, every 10 seconds, make a choice. What are you choosing now? What about now? And what about now? And now?

Isn’t that fun? How much can you create by choosing every 10 seconds, just for fun?

How does it get any better than that?

PS: This blog uses the tools of Access Consciousness(TM). Sophie is an Access Bars Facilitator and offers sessions and classes using the tools of Access to create permanent change. If you could change anything in your life, what would you choose? Visit her website at www.SophieMihalko.com

A few of my friends are focused around conversations about money. I like to listen in and pay attention. I love receiving money and I love receiving more and more.

I just took an advanced Access Consciousness (TM) class with founder Gary Douglas and one of the hot topics was around asking “will this person make me money?” when deciding to date or sleep with someone. Several people felt like money had nothing to do with it. But Gary explained that we made money this energy of everything. So when we are willing to ask for the money, we are willing to receive everything the universe has to deliver.

No wonder why so many people talk about money. We have made it mean everything.

Yeah, yeah I believe you when you say it’s not about how much money you make or how big your house is. I agree. But check out the energy of money. Then check out the energy of good sex. Laughter. Art. Fun. Affection. Nurturing. Acknowledgment. Doesn’t it feel like each of these energies are actually a little piece of the energy of money?

If it does not, I wonder what point of view you have about money that is preventing it from entering your life? Isn’t it a question worth asking?

Everything is energy, even money. It just so happen that we have given money such a big role that its energy encompasses all that we desire.

So are you willing to ask for the money?

How does it get any better than this?

Making Demands

In a couple of days I am leaving to take a class that could potentially change a lot of things for me.

Two days ago my body showed symptoms of the flu. I stayed in bed, drunk my fluids and had someone do some magic on me 🙂 the magic took care of all the emotions attached to bring sick.

It also got me much more aware of what my body wanted. So when it asked for coke at 10 pm, I got coke.

Then a wise person asked to demand that I would be able to go to my class no matter what.

Within seconds my body took in the effects if the coke and everything else I have been giving it. It followed my orders.

I never thought making demands would feel so good!!!

Thank you Mr. D!

I am listening to one of the recordings that started it all for me. Dr. Dain Heer on a telesumit. My body is tingling. Actually, it is electric. The electricity of the point of views and judgements I have about myself are leaving. It is quite an out of this world experience for me.

The first time I listened to Dr. Dain, I felt good inside. Now my body is recognizing his voice and doing the work without me having any kind of intention but being. I know I have been doing Access Consciousness (TM) for over 9 months now and I realize how much has moved. I am the same yet not the same. I am more caring than I ever was and I am more aware and psychic than I ever knew possible.

I have absolutely no point of view whether you need or should have what I am having. It’s your choice and I love that you are making it. This post is simply a celebration of what is possible. I am so grateful to myself for having the courage to let go of anything I knew and welcome what I did not know. I embrace it all. I may look silly and sound totally weird but nothing has ever felt more right to me.

If you are curious, check out the links above and ask me any question you have. Access is all over the world and transforming people’s lives. But don’t take my word for it!

What else is possible?


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