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Day 30 – My Commencement Speech

During the last 30 days I learned so much about myself and how to navigate life for pure happiness that I decided to give myself a commencement speech.

Congratulations to me on this achievement. When I sat down 30 days ago and wrote the first blog I did not really know what treasures I would discover. The greatest one was in doing something regularly and for longer than I would have usually chosen. My friend Kye Brackett advised me one day to stay at a party longer than I usually would and watch what happens. The first time I did that I entered into one of the most profound conversations of my life. I really feel that this experience was more transformative than I had planned for.

As with any graduation, real life is now starting and it will be another interesting experience to commit to happiness, commit to being in the vortex without reporting here every day. But something tells me that the effects of continuing this commitment will have such impact on my life that it will not go unnoticed.

During this experience I set to choose happiness and I found freedom. I now realize that the two are intertwined. Once I committed to feeling good, I realized I was free from anything anyone would do or  think. What a gift!

The other gift I receive is the sense of possibility. Now that I am happy, that I know how to quickly get in the Vortex, what else is possible? I am giggling with Joy with the ideas that I have 🙂 But I am taking my family on vacation in a few days and may decide to start the next 30 day challenge when I get back. Or not. And it may be on this blog. Or another one. It will be a surprise.

I thank you for reading me and hope to have many more adventures together.

What else is possible for you now?


Day 29 – This is so cool!

Two more posts to write and I have so much appreciation in my heart. I love how easy everything has become.

There is a new kind of happiness in my heart. It’s a happiness that is not conditioned by anything outside of me. But it is also a happiness that guides me toward the best feeling thoughts. It’s almost as if the bigger me, the amazing me had taken over!

I have learned so much this last month that I feel like I want to go back, go over what I learned and add anything new. So here we go:

1 – Happiness is a choice. I choose the thoughts I will have. It is feasible, really, as long as I am willing to watch my thoughts or commit to the ones that feel best. This means living in this moment, right now. The past is gone and the future matters only as long as I know it is a manifestation of what I am thinking right now.

2 – It all start with Self-love. If I can truly appreciate myself, all the parts of me, with all the uncomfortable parts, then the outside world will have much less impact on my happiness.

3 – Happiness is about feeling good, not having anything to be happy about. Such an important distinction!

4 – There is nothing to fear. It really is all well. The universe is a wonderful place.

5 – Ask lots of questions and don’t rush to find the answer. It will be revealed at the perfect time in a perfect way.

6 – Who I am being is much more important than what I am doing.

7 – My body is my best friend. It is always connected to my Spirit and communicates in loving ways. Love my body!

Well, this feels really good to me.

What have you found or received for yourself while reading my blogs?

Day 28 – No judgment, no resistance

All of my teachers have told me that being in the vortex, being happy, means having no resistance. For a long time I saw resistance like this negative emotion I was holding onto about a specific subject. Today, I realize that no resistance means no judgment. And if you know any eastern philosophies, you know that judgment is either a good one or a bad one.

Let’s use an example. My daughter was sent to the hot seat at school a few months ago for kissing a boy on the cheek.I was so shocked I posted it on Facebook. And most of my friends were appalled with me. It felt great to have my opinion validated but would it help me to feel better? No, because I could not change the school’s rule. So I had to be at peace with the fact that the school had this rule that could get my daughter in trouble when I did not think she was in trouble. Then my husband told her “You are not a bad person for having done it, but you need to know that if you do this, you will be in trouble at your school”. He stated it so matter-of-factly that it dropped all judgment I had about the school. He had found a way to make both opinions coexist. The weight that lifted was amazing.

So when we think “this is right” then we are resisting the opposite of “this”. As I am saying this, I can see how much this freeing me right now. I may make different choices than other people but it does not mean these choices are wrong. (And I am including the government in this).

I am ready to drop all judgments on all subjects right now. Done. Bye bye. This is going to be a really fun adventure!

What judgments are you letting go of?

Day 27 – I don't break anymore :)

I fell down on Wednesday. I caught myself with my arm and when I got up the pain was so strong I thought I would pass out. I got to the store where I was going and asked if I could sit down, get some water and some ice. I called my husband and he dropped me off at the doctor’s office.

I always expect to wait a long time to be seen and after waiting for 45 minutes I recognized I had fulfilled my expectations again. That made me smile. So I started running some affirmations in my head and asked “How can this turn into something greater than I could have imagined?”. I felt lighter right away and was seen shortly.

I knew this experience was going to be different when the nurse walked in. I had no judgment toward her, neither toward the doctor (I used to say I did not believe in doctors). I told my story of how I would break easily when I was younger twice. But I kept smiling. There was no drama in my voice. I could feel how distant I was from that story.

I got an x-ray and waited for the verdict. The doctor came back and said nothing was broken. I was shocked! You mean I am no longer the fragile, scared little girl? I no longer need drama?

I am smiling big right now. I no longer break! I know who I am. I am a happy person and even pain in my arm won’t change that. That’s a really cool thing to know a few days before this challenge ends.

What old story of yourself has changed? How will you celebrate it?

Day 26 – The answer is in the question

Throughout the day, it can be easy to go into a “Meh” feeling and forget about how incredible and fantastic my life is. I have affirmations that help me get back into the feeling good place quickly but today I had a ha-ha moment that gets me back into the Vortex so fast I must share it with you.

I listened to a call by Rikka Zimmerman and she kept talking about the expression “Ask and You Shall Receive” and how from the moment we pick the answer we close ourselves to an infinity of possibilities. I suddenly realized that it simply says “Ask”. It does not say “pick what you think you want”. Huge distinction.

She went on and gave a few examples of questions we could ask like “How does it get any better than this?” or “What would it take for me to receive more money than I can spend” or even “How can this turn out even better than I could ever imagine?”. Those questions put me in such a place of possibility than all resistance is dropped.

What if I get a clear answer? If the action or the thought lights me up, I will act on it. If it remains a possibility, I smile. It frees me so much. I don’t have to figure it out.

Today I was going to write a post about how we really don’t have any control. If we try to control anything, it often feels small and limited. But if we trust in the Divine, trust in our greater selves and let go, then miracles happen. This is really what I have been seeking. I am so grateful for this!

What questions light you up when you ask them?

Day 25 – Just when I thought it was over

I had a very strange experience on Monday. I drunk some new coffee and after half a mug, decided I did not like it. So I made myself another one with another kind of coffee. After a third of that cup, my heart beat so fast I was getting dizzy and exhausted.

It was difficult to focus. I could not concentrate and even sitting down was uncomfortable. I came home and decided to lay down. I closed my eyes, set to meditate and relax my thoughts but instead I went to sleep.

When I woke up my body was still not at optimal functioning. This was a very strange experience for me. It felt as if a greater force was trying to keep me down. Not in a bad way. I became aware that some unpleasant thoughts were floating in my mind. But since I could not focus, they were not my dominant thoughts. I focused on my kids and Love became my dominant thought. I tried to explain to my husband what I was experiencing and I started saying “I am so abundant.” I knew that what I had asked for that morning, for my Spirit to show itself and guide me was happening. She was allowing me to express what was really true. The things that did not feel good, that did not come from Her, She was not allowing them to stay very long.

I thought I had a pretty good control of my negative thoughts and insecurities. I thought I was done being scared and worried, knowing that these two emotions are never true. Today, by inviting my Spirit to take over, I saw that they are right here. But I also saw that if I do let her guide me, she will guide me toward what feels best. And now, there is no need to resist Her. She knows what she is doing.

So today, I am surrendering to Her great wisdom. I am surrendering to my own wisdom.

Are you willing to surrender? Are you ready to invite your true self to show you what feels best?

Day 24 – Who is the expert?

I have practiced and read self-celebration material (some people call it self-help) for over 15 years now. And I keep going. I like peeling the layers of all the pre-conceived ideas I received since I was a child and then making my own decisions.

The first decision important for me to make was that I am perfect, beautiful and worthy right now. Not when I get this or that. Right now. And so are you. So from now on, everything is about celebrating me and you. Wow, what a great feeling!

So is there any expert out there? Only one. Me for me and you for you. Period. So I read and listen to a lot of ideas and conclusions but I always figure out first if it works for me or not. I like meditating but it does not mean much to me to use “OM” so I don’t. I don’t like goal setting, but I like intention setting. I don’t believe in hard work but I believe in following inspired action. I do think that it is important to put myself out there but I don’t enjoy doing Marketing or Sales letter. I am the expert.

Today is an interesting day. I am happy and I can feel all kind if ideas and thoughts and emotions pushing against themselves in my head. I am not sure what I want to do next. I do like asking “How does it get any better than this?” and “What would it take for my financial freedom dream to come true?”. I am willing to receive the answers today. Because my real expert, my Soul, my higher Self, will talk to me clearly. I will know in my gut what I need to do, say or think next.

In the meantime, I will close any open loop that may make too much noise today. I will quiet myself and enjoy the birds. I will take deep breath and know that each invites Spirit in.

How are you going to be your own expert today?

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