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Day 29 – The day before the last one

29 days of being a millionaire! I promised to report to you every day this process but I also promise I will not stop being a millionaire after these 30 days, I am having too much fun!

As I am reminiscing, I can see a few great lessons worth mentioning.

1) No matter what it is, if I feel constricted, restricted, limited in one area, it will reflect in my finances. In the same way, the freer, the more loving, the more expanded I feel, the more money I have.

2) Having money and spending money are two different things. Spending a lot can sometimes mean I am not comfortable having a lot of money around.

3) There are so many possibilities, asking questions without looking for the answers is the best way for the best answer to be delivered to me.

4) My world is a reflection of my beliefs and focus, if it does not work for me, change my thoughts!

How easy it is to be a millionaire? What are you choosing around money right now?


Day 28 – My love of numbers

I have always loved numbers. In school I loved to see this little symbols and learn all the different (and sometimes silly) rules that applied so that we could all agree to how they work together. It was a very easy way for me to communicate and express myself because it did not mean anything about me. Interesting….

Later in life I became a professional at making budgets, often dealing with numbers of 7 digits. These budgets, projections always got me excited. They allowed me to create possibilities where others could only see limitations. Wow!

So I love numbers because they allow me to communicate with others in ways that don’t mean anything about me and because they allow me to create possibilities where others don’t see them.

No surprise that it is so easy for me to being a millionaire! It means nothing about me but it allows me to create new possibilities for every one around me.

I just love this new perspective!!!!

Do you love numbers? Why?

Day 27 – How did I get so lucky?

My daughter and I shared a 2 hour drive today. Her dad had made her a snack bag and after her nap she discovered it was filled with her favorite things. She started saying “I am so lucky!” Wanting to teach her to ask questions to welcome more of what you focus on, I said “How did you get so lucky?” And she continued asking the question as she discovered what was in her bag, only creating more and more abundance.

I loved that moment for so many reasons. First she was so receptive to learn a new way to express herself that I knew this was the way she was born. Lately, the more I ask her questions instead of offering answers, the easier and the more fun our relationship has been.

I am writing this sitting in a cute hotel room in a sweet hotel in Pasadena, CA, our new hometown. I have the best people in the industry working in getting us the best apartment, a whole community of friends visualizing the outcome as done for me, and LOTS of cash in the bank πŸ™‚ My kids and husband are watching “Wallace and Gromit” online. We just had a simple and delicious dinner. Really, how did I get so lucky?

And I can see so much more coming my way. I started a new class to help me define my contribution to the world, our new place is absolutely fantastic and I even manage to find a school that uses the arts to teach my kid!

How does it get any better than this?

So tell me, how did you get so lucky?

Day 26 – There is no NO in the Universe

We are often raised by our families and schools to see something as bad or good. To see polarity in everything. Even some of the greatest teachers seem to raise the issue of what we want versus what we don’t want.

But what if there was no No in the Universe? What if everything was possible, and everything else became a choice? A true choice means that either one could work, none is better than the other, we simply choose. Landmark graduates will know this as the “Vanilla Chocolate” exercise while Abers will recognize this as the no resistance path. If you do not say no to anything, then you are allowing everything in your life.

Those who do not believe in an intelligent Universe could be scared by this notion, thinking that they may not necessarily want to receive everything a anything in their life. As someone who has faith that I am a part of the Universe and therefore it knows what is of my highest good, I will only receive what I am focusing on. My choice, truly.

If we apply this to money, it means that while I am choosing to be a millionaire, I am not saying that not being a millionaire is less than desirable. I am freely choosing something to receive, that’s it. I am not judging those who do not choose as I do and I am not judging myself for choosing something different in the past πŸ™‚

When there is no NO, what do you say YES to?

Day 25 – Application Manifestation

Today we found the perfect place to live in. It is so awesome!!!! We put an application in and found out someone else did. At first, I was very scared of losing it. Having as much money as I have does not necessarily help at this point.

So all I had to do was breathe. This is a great place and I have faith that the Universe will deliver me the perfect place to live in. How does it get any better than this?

This is where everything I know and speak about applies. What ever happens is exactly what I focused on. Right now, my kids and husband are swimming with friends in a pool of a Southern California mansion. Pretty Cool!

My life is rich. My life is beautiful and I attract to myself the best situations, the best people, the dream life. Remember, this is my commitment πŸ™‚

How does it get any better than this?

Day 24 – I am going home!

When I was 21 I made the decision to move to Los Angeles, CA and go after my dreams. I had filled a whole journal with my 1 year, 3 year, 5 year and 10 year plan. But then I got caught into “reality” and basically made the decision that what I wanted was not possible. Don’t take me wrong, I lived an awesome life and did some amazing things with great people. But none of the dreams from the journal came true. Except for one, since I did meet my love and married him πŸ™‚

I had lived in Los Angeles for 11 years and when we decided to move to NC 4 years ago I welcomed the break. It gave me so many gifts, including the one of knowing who I AM. But Los Angeles has always been my home in a way. And I am very happy to come home.

Today, I am happy, I am a millionaire, and I am ready to live my big dreams. Every day I receive new information from my Angels as to how, where and what. I have learned to follow these hunches. And how lucky I am that I am returning to the city of Angels when I am ready to follow my true self? How does it get any better than this?

Here is one way. I am taking you with me. If you continue to read this blog, you will know all about how I am doing it, what works for me and what does not. You know it is an internal job, so I will give you all kind of good tips to help you make it happen too.

Will you accept my invitation?

Day 23 – an Invitation

As I am driving across country through landscapes worth the biggest Hollywood Films, I feel invited by the Universe to join a new realm of possibility.

I find that saying I am a millionaire is so easy now that it is a part of my cellular composition. I would not be surprised to look at my bank account in the next few days and fin 7 or 8 digits. I am an amazing money manager and the universe knows how good friends we have become these last 23 days.

Another interesting fact is that I don’t think so much about money these days/ Money is around, like Love, so I don’t really go out looking for it. It always shows up because it knows it will be loved and appreciated and asked to stay around for a while.

So what is this invitation about? Seeing the Fear that has recently risen in me, it is about playing big. Big in appreciating ALL, big in imagining and believing that yes, everything is possible.

I spent a big part of the day pondering my answer, although I know that Yes feels lighter.

So, dear Universe, How can be of even greater service? How else can I inspire? What else is possible? How does it get any better than this?

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