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Day 20 – This super hero is changing the rules :)

These focuses usually go on for 30 days. But something has been telling me I have explored the topic of super hero as much as I can and it’s time to move on.

So after today, I am declaring this focus done!!!

I am very excited about the next one – and scared like nothing I ever done. I chose the thing I really want to do but never quite dared. Something that I know is me.

So for tonight, I will only add how much fun it is to be a super hero, and how grateful I am that you are reading this.

How does it get any better than this??


Day 19 – the secret may be to wait for the alignment

I felt a tremendous energy building for the last couple of days and I thought this meant I was about to break through and be revealed to the world (as a super hero, we can only train so much, there is a time where we must just take action).
But then today I had an opportunity to use some of my super hero power and have a whole lot of fun. But I did not embrace that opportunity completely. I basked in the knowing it was there. I felt more and more awareness and consciousness pour through every cell in my body.
And then I saw that I was not completely aligned. I saw that my head still wanted to work and we all know super heroes act from their heart center. So I let my head do it. I let it get as much knowledge and information it wanted to get. My heart was very patient. My heart knows that the alignment is coming. But today was not the day.

So here I am, saying I want to get out of my head, and yet I don’t jump in? While it still surprises me I smile knowing that I am this much closer.

How does it get any better than this?

Day 18 – Forget about reality!

Yesterday we said goodbye to the past and today we are forgetting reality. By the end of these 30 days, you will be living in a whole new world, I promise!

If you have read any of my previous 30 day focus you know that I believe we create our own reality. Oh, and that means EVERYTHING! Yeah, even that screaming neighbor or the guy who cuts us off on the road. EVERYTHING!

So if we create everything in our reality, then why can’t we change anything we desire?

The brilliant Rikka Zimmerman gave me the answer in our Access Consciousness class. We cannot change something that we have decided is wrong. When we make something wrong, we validate it. We give it an anchor. We give it weight. And usually a pretty heavy weight. And since the universe’s energy is light and fun, anything that is heavy weight cannot be transformed. Yes, it can look different, but it cannot be truly transformed.

For anything to truly change we MUST accept it. We must not care about it. We must be ok with it existing in our lives. We must be able not to choose it.

A superhero knows this. The only way  superhero can lift a plane or kick the butts of 20 men is if they don’t decide that this plane is too heavy or that the 20 men are too many. They choose something different.

OK, I may have blown your mind away, just like Rikka did for me. So we will continue the conversation, but feel free to expand.

What are you refusing in your life that by doing so you are preventing to be transformed?

Day 17 – Say goodbye to the past

The present is the only moment there is. The past is over, and the future has not happened yet.

But how many times do we do or say something now because of what happened in the past? And how many times we are planning what we will do tomorrow because of what happened yesterday or a few hours ago?

If you get your heart broken, do you go out right away and become vulnerable with someone new? Why not? Because you are healing the past relationship? Then aren’t you taking that past into your present?

In Access Consciousness, we have a tool where we choose something new every 10 seconds. We do not decide, we do not contemplate, we simply choose.

If you try it, you will find it hard to choose something related to your past. Because every ten seconds, you can only choose what is present. And suddenly, something new takes place that has nothing to do with your past. So you can’t repeat old patterns. You can’t even carry that feeling that nobody cares because every 10 seconds you get to choose TO BE something new.

As a superhero, I could not allow my superpowers to be if I had not said goodbye to my past. How many times was I made fun of when I danced? Or said a joke? If I carried that with me, I would not have my silly dance videos (and I know how much you like them) and I would never dare making you laugh!

If you can choose somethign new every 10 seconds, what else is possible? How does it get any better than that?


Day 15 & 16 – Developing a new super power

I have been known to be a city girl. I grew up in Paris, lived in Los Angeles and New York so you could say I like cities. Then 4 years ago I moved to a small town in North Carolina. My yard was as big as many New York Parks and I saw the amazing natural phenomenon called Seasons. I fell in love with nature/

So when we decided to move back to the Los Angeles area, Pasadena felt right. The closer to the mountain I can get, the more home I feel. I have trees all around me and when I come back from downtown, all I see around me are mountains. Just that sight makes me smile.

So what does this have to do with a superpower? I realized that when I was living in the city, I felt disconnected and often angry. I had no or little way to communicate with Earth. Now, I let it fill me up. It inspires me, it supports me and communicates with me in ways I never knew possible.

My new power feels like something very very old that I forgot. It links to a part of my cells that has been dormant for centuries, may be even millenniums. And I am starting to notice ll the people round me who are also developing this power.

I always ask the earth for permission to use her energy now and I often get a yes. The power that comes to me is 1000 times more potent than anything my own brain could generate. So I let it take over.

Have you already recognized your power of connection with the Earth?

Day 14 – Superheroes can be demanding

And I love that about them! I love that they will only expect the best of themselves and everyone around them.
I love that they shine at being superheroes, not being afraid of outshining anyone else. Because the sky needs every ray of shine.
I love that they are here when you call them or they send a friend when they are busy.
I love how they will be very specific on what color their cape is.
I love that they don’t take no for an answer.
I am that kind of superhero and I am proud of it!

How demanding can you be my superhero friend?

Day 13 – This superhero is coming out of hiding

It is very interesting to me that most stories about superhero will have the person “hide” their real identity from others. As if they would be “murdered” if others find out what they can do.

Yet we all act as if we are amazed and love superheroes. If we love them, why would they want to hide? Could it be because we would want to study them or ask them to work for our profit? And if so, couldn’t superheroes say no? Wouldn’t their powers protect them from all the assaults?

I think it would, but in those stories, there’s gotta be some drama. And we love drama!

But in truth, I really think we (superheroes) are not afraid to be seen, touched, talked to, asked, etc. I even think we want it. We just thought these fiction stories were real. Well, here is your realty check. They are not!!!! Even if they were, you are so powerful that you can protect yourself from anything you wish!

So I am coming out of hiding. I am declaring boldly who I am and that you can ask me anything, use me any way and what else is possible?

I will go further and ask YOU to come out of hiding. Go ahead, tell us what your super talent is. Tell us who you truly are and what a contribution to the world you are!

I can even create a database of superheroes and that way, if you ever need anything, you can call!

Oh my, what a great idea!!!!!

How does it get any better than this?



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