Jump in and have an extraordinary life!

Have you ever wondered if we are dreaming or if this is really it? Sometimes I feel like this life is a huge board game and we are all pieces on the board. The difference is, we have free will so we get to tell the players (the Universe) where to move usand what actions to take.

But it really is all for fun. How do I know? Because the more fun I have, the more I get done. The more fun I have, the more money I get. The more fun I have, the more people want to be in my life. The more I have fun, the more I care. The ore I have fun. the more incredibly beautiful and powerful my body feels.

What is fun for me may be different than what is fun for you. So I can’t tell (and NOBODY can) tell you what to do, you got to choose for yourself. And if you are not sure at first, just try different things. In fact, every 10 seconds, make a choice. What are you choosing now? What about now? And what about now? And now?

Isn’t that fun? How much can you create by choosing every 10 seconds, just for fun?

How does it get any better than that?

PS: This blog uses the tools of Access Consciousness(TM). Sophie is an Access Bars Facilitator and offers sessions and classes using the tools of Access to create permanent change. If you could change anything in your life, what would you choose? Visit her website at www.SophieMihalko.com


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