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About Sophie

Where do I start?

I am French but no, I don’t hate Americans 🙂 In fact I love them! I love how Americans express themselves fully, think about all kind of possibilities and are some of the best entertainers of the world.

 I am a filmmaker, creator, mom, woman, Access Bars Facilitator, talk show host and blogger 🙂 I just love coming up  with new ways to have fun! I asked myself what I love best really and I have no shame to say: figuring out life, creating something new for myself or someone else, making people laugh and doing silly dances.

I realize that we give a lot of meaning to everything in life and it kind of blocks possibilities. So I started asking lots of questions.

So this blog, along with my fabulous website SophieMihalko.com will serve to inspire, discover, shake up, redefine, and everything else that you and I like to do 🙂

One of my favorite thing is to hold a consistent thought for 30 days. The first one was “I am happy” and the second was “I am being a millionaire”. I then took on being a superhero and finally being it! How does it get any better than this? Well, now I see concepts that we have assimilated, taken for granted, and I question them. I am loving it! Please do sign up to find out more!

Oh, and if you are looking for Cyndi, you can find her and her brilliant writing at The Sophia Project.

Love and possibilities



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  1. Sophie! I LOVE this new blog, and look forward to reading!

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