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My advice to Oscar nominees or how to win like Meryl Streep

I am always looking for ways to combine my two loves: filmmaking and celebration. As I am reading interviews with Oscar nominees, I thought I would give them a few tips of what it takes to pull a “Meryl Streep”. She has received 18 nominations and already won twice. Doing good work is what got them nominated, and while winning may not be the thing that would actually expand their universe even more, they are many ways they can use this opportunity to continue growing and doing what they love. 1 – Match the vibration. Now that you have entered the circle of nominated people you get to hang out with previous winners and people who have done this for a living for a long time. When you meet them, how do they be? Do they walk slowly and look at you in the eyes when they shake hands? Does the energy feel light around them? Do they walk knowing they have a true purpose in their lives? Find the one that matches what you want the best and ask for that energy to be yours. Yep, the energy will follow and no, you are not taking anything away from them. 2 – Show the world who you truly be. We are all magnificent beings. When you stand like you know it, people notice and those who do not allow themselves to recognize how brilliant they are want to thank you for giving them permission to do so. Just stand there, smile and know that who you be makes a difference. 3 – When you pick your outfit, ask if it will expand your universe. While winning is not necessary the goal of the adventure, enjoying the night and feeling like a million bucks is. If the outfit you pick does not respond with a sounding yes, don’t pick it. What would it take for you to make a stance as to how beautiful you truly be? (I put some inspiration in the photo attached). And don’t forget to ask, How does it get any better than this?


Day 5 – Let’s close this fantastic year in style!

As I am writing this I am living the last few hours of a fantastic year 2011. I must admit a year ago I did not know I was going to make such big changes, learn so much, and create so much. So I am thrilled to see what comes next!

In no specific order, 2011 was the year that I came “home to myself” in so many wyas:

– Move back to California!

– Leave a job that taught me so much and that I had outgrown

– Learn new skills and find out just how amazing I truly am ๐Ÿ™‚

– Create a business that makes me feel good all the way down to my liver

– Rebuild new and authentic relationships with myself, my parents, my sister, my husband and several old and new friends!

How does it get any better than that?

Today I intend to continue asking the universe what is it that I am not seeing. What am I not receiving that if I received it would completely transform my awareness? What is required of me to contribute who I truly be to the world?

What else is possible my friends?



Day 30 – I’ve done it!

When I “changed the rules” on my last 30 days challenge and ended it at 20 days, I was nervous about finishing another round of 30 days. But I totally did it and I have had some amazing success with it!

I AM IT!!!!

I have come to learn so many ways that I am it in my life. I am it regardless of what I want, need or dream of. I am everything I always desired, right now, in this moment. I am a contribution, I am needing you, Iam in love with the world, I am it all.

By being IT I get to choose something every moment. Now is a choice, always. These last 30 days were about me finding me. Not in finding my purpose or what roles I choose in this world, but finding me as in the me that can choose anything she wants. I chose the movie to help me experience it all and as I am writing this I am proud to say that the movie is going along fine. We have the song down now and I am super psyched to share it with you in the next few months.I have an incredible producer, an artist who may lead us into song and many many more creative people about to join us in this incredibly rich adventure!

So to close this 30 day challenge, I will now share the new title of the movie: “NOW Is The Time To Rock!”.

How does it get any better than this?


Day 14 – What if I was good at this?

Lately I have attempted to do new things that I had never tried before and they have not succeeded (yet) or that I know of. This morning I had that thought – I am no goo…. Yeah, I will stop there because there is no need to make it more real.

But now I wonder what it would feel like if I was good at these things? What if I could change reality simply by easily focusing on the new reality I am looking to create? What if I received dozens of emails every time I put a request on FB? How would that feel like?

It would feel normal. Yeah, it would feel like it’s not a big deal, I know I am good at this. I kind of expect it. I am still very appreciative of it, but it’s not a big deal. It’s easy.

OK, what is not a big deal for me? Painting. Yes, there was a time when making a painting like this was daunting. But this painting was so much fun and easy to do, I do feel like it’s not a big deal. What else? Moving across country without knowing where we will land. I did it 4 times, twice with family in tow. OK, that’s no big deal.

Yeah, I can do that no big deal thing!!!!I am so going to make this energy work a no big deal thing. And this movie too! Making this film is really not a big deal. Fun, yes but not a big deal.

What else is possible?

Day 6 & 7 – Enthusiasm versus infinite possibilities

I am in trouble. I get so excited about something, I plunge right in, I dive. Then I get stopped. And then I question myself because the joy is suddenly gone. Well, it’s not really gone, it’s just hiding behind all the doubts, the questions and the “why can’t this be easy”.

Among all of this angst, there is a moment of stillness. When I am done fighting myself, I stop and stay still. And then a tiny little piece of light shows up. I would never have seen that piece of light if I had not been stopped. That light is the beginning of infinite possibilities.

At this point in my life, infinite possibilities are between so scary I can’t move to very exciting. Just when I think I got something certain in my heart, something else shows up to make me question it. Hence the good news about what if I made a different choice every 10 seconds?

I am starting to see how I have lived my life based on the enthusiasm I get from “reality” yet as soon as I run with the enthusiasm an obstacle will literally stopped me. When I started blogging about my film, there was no doubt in my mind I would not stop at the obstacles. So when I am being asked by someone I care really about to further my intention and development of my script, the demons arose.

I do know better than to pay attention to the demons and found a way to step back and stay still. I saw the beginning of the light. I am still not sure what possibility is arising from this stillness but I am willing to contemplate it.

So if I have contacted you about the film and stopped our communication, do not worry, I am in the mist of figuring it all out. My chrysalis is not completely opened yet.

Day 5 – How much is too much?

I am a pretty intense person according to some people ๐Ÿ™‚ I do have a lot of enthusiasm for life and if I get excited about something (or someone), I will probably not stop with ideas, suggestions, and questions until I feel we have something good.

I used to think that people would match my enthusiasm. How could you not? Isn’t it obvious that this (idea, project, relationship) is the best ever? Well, every one does create their own reality and I am clear that our realities don’t always match.

But how much is too much? How much can I email you, message you, call you until I sound repetitive or obnoxious. While I don’t have a problem obnoxiously asking for what I want from the universe, I also want my friends and colleagues to see how much I respect their desires as well.

Oh, well, I am not stopping. I have declared my intention to you, and now I will respectfully continue to ask for your help and collaboration!!!

So who will get me a great recording studio to record the song?

Who will come onboard and produce the heck out of it, making it the most fun, easy, well funded, well distributed short film ever?

Who will give us money to make this little jewel shine?

What else is possible?

Day 4 – What is it about?

Asking questions means that I open the universe to deliver what I am asking for. Making any decision about anything means that I am closing myself off to more than I thought about. And let’s face it, we can’t think about what we have not thought about yet!

Last night with Rikka Zimmerman, the concept of receiving and then ask came up. That light a big bulb in my head because I felt this was what I was doing here. I made my friend laugh yesterday when I admitted that I did not have a script yet for this sweet film of mine. There are many advantages to that. First, I am starting with a powerful intention and see what comes up of it. Second, I have been asking my world for a producer to step in and I want that producer to own this film as much as me so I am excited to give them the opportunity to develop the story with me.

So what is this sweet film about? It’s about infinite possibilities. It’s about being in a “real” situation and asking ourselves “what else is possible?”. It’s about letting the joy we know we can have shine through our bodies and turn on the joy in others. It’s about a woman who is ready to say “I am having it!”.

What will it take for me to be so it that producers, cast, crew and money pours into my life now?

How does it get any better than this?


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