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What if you were Magic?

We are now at least one month into 2012 and I can certainly feel that this year, something is shifting.

I am definitely learning all about the new paradigms and I am also incorporating them in my body and my living. But once expression keeps hanging around my head “Just for me, Just for fun” (it is something I heard in an Access Consciousness class).

When we transform and we find something yummy and delicious we want to share it with the world. I know I do.

But one reason we love Magic so much is because it is unexpected. It does not conform with the rules of this world. And when we watch Magic, we can either keep wondering “How they did it?” or simply enjoy the show.

There is no wrong answer.

Recognize you are a magician and start practicing. Or continue enjoying the show and support those that do Magic. And if you change your mind, that’s cool too!

But if you are asking yourself if you are Magic, if Magic is in you and if you can change the reality of many people, you are. There are so many ways you are magical, contact me and we will start the discussion!

What else is possible?


Day 26 & 27 – What’s going on with our time?

Has any of you experienced a change in common time structures like how many hours something should take or how long people need to do something, or even how long it takes to go from point A to point B?

I have and it’s amazing!

It started with going somewhere. I would look up directions on google map, it would tell me 35 minutes and I would be somewhere in 20. Or I go to get my car “Smog checked” and it takes less than 10 minutes (same for my oil, battery and car filters change in less than 20 minutes).

I have received the intuition to give people shorter sessions for the energy work that I do. They are very powerful and the energy moves quickly. For some reason, the urgency adds to the ease to let go. It becomes easier. May be that is the only (and last) piece of tension we are allowing within ourselves for complete healing?

I have been over the fact that time is an illusion in other posts. I use to think it was something we would play with as needed, and I have been playing with it. But like many other things we don’t quite consider fully, Time is also an entity of its own. It expands and contract as needed yes but it also supports us in all the ways we ask the universe to support us.

Now that I have made time my friend, I often find that if I release stress around time controlled events, they turn out to be better than I imagined.

In which ways have you noticed time is on your side?

How does it get any better than this?

Day 18 through 23 – Tears, laughs and surprises

The last few days have been such a whirlwind of amazement and growth and embrace that I almost forgot to post. I didn’t really forget. I chose to do something else.

I love my blog readers and when I saw all the superb comments I got in the last few days I knew why I had felt unhinged πŸ™‚ Yesterday, I even cried as I was ready to release all the ways I was not living the blissful life that I know is mine.

If you do not know yet, on Monday I gave birth to a new baby of mine “Blissful Living with Sophie” video Summit. The launch went very well and I am enjoying the comments and the increasing number of people aware and coming to join all the fun. (if you are registering just now, no worries, we have reruns this week-end so you can catch up on the 5 amazing people I interviewed this week).

And today I spoke to my husband about all the attachment I had around the summit. I was attached to the number of people signing up, watching the videos and jumping on the amazing opportunities offered to them. I was ready to let that go. As soon as the conversation was finished, I felt lighter. I checked my email to see more people signed up and more people were taking advantage of our special offers!

I love feeling lighter πŸ™‚

What else is possible?

Day 16 & 17 – How can we create something we don’t know?

And I am not actually asking for techniques. I know the ways we can feel “as if” or get the same feelings as if we were living it what we want already.

I am actually talking about the feeling that there is something more for us and we don’t know what it is. How do we go about doing that?

I was taught to think about something I want and go for it so when someone tells me I am aligning with something big, I can’t help but ask what is it? What does it look like?

Funny how trained we are to seek answers. But since we don’t know what we don’t know, how can we come up with an answer?

We don’t need to. There is a big universe whose sole purpose is to support us. Why? Because we come from the universe. If we are created, then why wouldn’t our growth be supported?

So when we ask a question, we are really asking to connect with the energy of the answer. Once we do, the universe can start actualizing that energy in ways we would have never thought possible.

This is what LOA students call “feeling the feeling first”.

So when I ask “what would it take for rain to pour in my area? ” I can start being the energy of rain giving life to the plants around me:)

How does it get any easier than that?


Day 14 & 15 – The good, the bad and the possibility

Yesterday was one of my best and worst day in a while. I connected with my local community in new ways and I attracted new beautiful experiences and knowing.
Then toward the evening, when I had taken the steps toward relaxation (drinking wine), something happened that caused fear and disappointment on my part. I knew I really was the one causing it but in a few seconds I forgot all about what I am talking about here and started blaming someone else.

After a few uncomfortable exchange of emails and some deep breathing, I was clear that my circumstance would not change unless I took responsibility for the emotion and asked what else was possible. Now I was willing to consider a new possibility.

This is why I love Access Consciousness. It teaches us tools and processes to remove the polarity, not to make something wrong right. Once something just is, it allows so many more possibilities.

I do not describe many tools of Access but today I really want to be grateful for the tool of saying “this is an interesting point of view” every time I hear a point of view in my head or someone gives me theirs. If I wake up feeling moody, I can say “it’s an interesting point of view”. If my boss feels that I did not respond to his email fast enough, I can say “it is an interesting point of view”. If the news say these are bad economic times, I can say “it is an interesting point of view”.

Just saying this feels like a window opening up in my brain. Tensions disappears and I can breathe better.

What if every though was an interesting point of view?

Day 12 – Do we really need to learn to share?

I have two young daughters who often play together. They also play with neighbor kids and therefore share toys, bikes, and experiences.

I love when kids genuinely play together. They often come up with solutions that some of our leaders could learn to model.

But at times a child will want to play with their own toy by themselves. And whether someone else wants to play with their toy does not really matter to them. It’s their toy and they have no problem saying no.

As adults, we often feel obligated to tell them to “learn to share”. I am often the first one. But I wonder how valid this is. Knowing that my child does have experiences of community, should she always be willing to share what she has? Isn’t it also respecting her than to say “it’s ok for her to be selfish”?

I own a car. While I have no problem lending it to a friend in need of a ride, I also know no one would “force me” to share my car.

So why should we force a child to share? Or even limit their time of pleasure? (as in take turns).

When it is a game or object shared by the community, I love the idea of teaching them the joy of common experience, but when it is something they consider their own, I feel that respecting their desire for play is a much needed allowance.

How does it get any better than that?

Day 11 – OK, I admit it…..

I admit it, I am lazy and I like it. At least, that’s how it looks to many people. The truth is that I am really fast at doing certain things and I also do not believe anything good gets done unless I have fun doing it. So from the outside, it just looks like I am playing or doing things easy.

Have you noticed how much story we have around people who play or only do things easy? Lots, right? I know because as soon as I relax with a book, take a nap, watch a fun sitcom or watch a silly cat video on Facebook, I feel guilty. I was taught “well” πŸ™‚

Well I am kind of done with that. I really don’t believe we need to work hard or work long hours. I don’t believe any task that takes effort (meaning anything less than really fun) will bring anything positive. That’s why technology has started to offer the tools we now have.

If you are reading this online, you know the tools the web has provided for making us work faster and more efficiently. But even offline, how many robots, automatic machines have we created to take care of these mundane not so exciting actions?

Now that these actions are easily done, what else is possible? What can we create with our time and energy that we would actually enjoy so much that it would not look like work?

How does it get any better than that?


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