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When taking a risk is as important as taking a breath

I felt so much tension in my body this morning I knew there was something I wanted to say that I was not saying. I had been trying to ask someone to do something with me and every time I was about to ask them the conversation turned to another topic. And I made it mean I was not supposed to ask. (I did not even ask a question about it!)

But it kept coming up so I just did it. And when they answered yes I felt so much lightness and expansion I knew this was the “right” choice.

So how many times have you stopped yourself because it was too scary? Or because it did not look “in the flow”?

What if taking a risk was the step that was required right now for you to move forward?

What if you don’t take a risk you die?

Do you have some kind of ailment that keeps coming back no matter what you do? Do you have a situation that won’t budget no matter how much thinking and efforting you have taken on? What if all that was required was to do that one thing you think is crazy or makes no sense at all?

What if you reserved a hotel in the place you want to visit so badly and then figure out how to get there? What if you asked that hot guy or hot girl out and finally get an answer? What if you borrowed money to take that class and see what you can create from there? What if you moved across country without knowing where you will land?

What if asking the question you wanted to ask would deliver everything you ever dreamt of?

How does it get any better than this?


My advice to Oscar nominees or how to win like Meryl Streep

I am always looking for ways to combine my two loves: filmmaking and celebration. As I am reading interviews with Oscar nominees, I thought I would give them a few tips of what it takes to pull a “Meryl Streep”. She has received 18 nominations and already won twice. Doing good work is what got them nominated, and while winning may not be the thing that would actually expand their universe even more, they are many ways they can use this opportunity to continue growing and doing what they love. 1 – Match the vibration. Now that you have entered the circle of nominated people you get to hang out with previous winners and people who have done this for a living for a long time. When you meet them, how do they be? Do they walk slowly and look at you in the eyes when they shake hands? Does the energy feel light around them? Do they walk knowing they have a true purpose in their lives? Find the one that matches what you want the best and ask for that energy to be yours. Yep, the energy will follow and no, you are not taking anything away from them. 2 – Show the world who you truly be. We are all magnificent beings. When you stand like you know it, people notice and those who do not allow themselves to recognize how brilliant they are want to thank you for giving them permission to do so. Just stand there, smile and know that who you be makes a difference. 3 – When you pick your outfit, ask if it will expand your universe. While winning is not necessary the goal of the adventure, enjoying the night and feeling like a million bucks is. If the outfit you pick does not respond with a sounding yes, don’t pick it. What would it take for you to make a stance as to how beautiful you truly be? (I put some inspiration in the photo attached). And don’t forget to ask, How does it get any better than this?

Day 24 & 25 – It never stops

I started this video summit because it felt really fun. I connected with amazing people and got to laugh. I created something from A to Z, learning all that it took and more. I launched the creation. Other people enjoyed it. They told me about it. It is really cool.

But I know inside my gut that it does not stop there. This is cool, really cool, yet I know more is possible. So I ask what else is possible, what contribution can I be? And I get more answers. I am now creating a Blissful Living community to invite people to share their own tips. And I am having more and more ideas on what people may enjoy 🙂

I was often asked when I would be satisfied when I was younger because I was one of these people who kept moving, kept learning, kept dreaming about something else. And I did think for a while that there was something wrong with me.

But now I totally get it. The energy does not stop. It keeps flowing, it keeps changing. And the more I tune in the energy around me the more I see new possibilities for myself and those around me.

If the energy does not stop, and since I am made of energy, there is no way I can stop. I do not even want to stop. It is too exciting and thrilling.

How does it get any better than this?

Day 16 & 17 – How can we create something we don’t know?

And I am not actually asking for techniques. I know the ways we can feel “as if” or get the same feelings as if we were living it what we want already.

I am actually talking about the feeling that there is something more for us and we don’t know what it is. How do we go about doing that?

I was taught to think about something I want and go for it so when someone tells me I am aligning with something big, I can’t help but ask what is it? What does it look like?

Funny how trained we are to seek answers. But since we don’t know what we don’t know, how can we come up with an answer?

We don’t need to. There is a big universe whose sole purpose is to support us. Why? Because we come from the universe. If we are created, then why wouldn’t our growth be supported?

So when we ask a question, we are really asking to connect with the energy of the answer. Once we do, the universe can start actualizing that energy in ways we would have never thought possible.

This is what LOA students call “feeling the feeling first”.

So when I ask “what would it take for rain to pour in my area? ” I can start being the energy of rain giving life to the plants around me:)

How does it get any easier than that?


Day 10 – Why are we so tough on ourselves?

Just did a video and first thing I did was judging how good I was. Of course, I know better than accepting that and also went and saw all the things that went right.

But then I remembered how Access Consciousness teaches me to stop judging anything as right or wrong. So I watched the video without any judgement and saw something amazing come out of it. A story, the story I wanted to tell.

But I digress. How often do we go to the thought “I am not good enough” after we create something? Why” Yes, we may have had some programming that triggers this reaction. But I actually start to see how by doing this we are actually acknowledging how we are responsible for our life. If something is not as we would like it to be, then we are the one responsible for it.

And we are. But that does not make us wrong. We simply chose something that we no longer want to choose. The old programming says “if it does not please you or someone then it’s wrong”. That is not correct. If it does not please you or someone else, you just chose something different. Love it!

What would it take for the world to embrace choice and let go of anything wrong? What if there was never any wrong choice?

How does it get any better than that?

Day 9 -Let’s talk about anger :)

Lately I have been hearing many thought leaders talk about “being responsible about our own energy”. Since the world is made of energy and we are affecting it all by what we project, it does make sense to start taking responsibility for the energy we be.

How do we do that? It does require to be aware of our energy first. The first easy answer is how do we feel? If we feel good, we are probably being love, peace, and other yummy feelings. And when we feel bad, we are probably being the opposite energy, energies we don’t really want to see reflected into our world.

But what about anger? I use to do anger a lot. And I got a lot back to. I got people angry at me and I got reasons to be angry. But the truth is anger is not really an energy, it is more a residual effect. If I do anger because I am being a victim, then the world will reflect victimhood to me. But if I do anger because I am being empowered, the world will reflect back more empowered people.

The cool thing about doing anger when I am the energy of being empowered is that I do not project any victim or powerless or fight energy into the world. I actually from a space of possibility. When was the last time you stood up for yourself? That’s doing anger from the energy of being empowered.

What will it take for us to be responsible for the energy we project into the world and always choose to do anger from the place of being empowered?

What else is possible?

Day 8 – Why are we holding on?

I just went through an amazing Access Consciousness proces with Dr. Dain Heer where he invited us to destroy the reality as we knew it to create something new. I realized how much I liked some of my current reality and I was not sure I was ready to let it go.

I face this often with my clients when I do Bars sessions. When something comes up and I ask if they are willing to uncreate and destroy all of it (let go of something), many answer first “I am not sure”. They want to know what will happen when they let go.

We prefer something that does not work to something blank where we get to create.

Yes, I understand. The blank canevas syndrom can be scary. What if what we create is no better than what we have created so far? May be. But what if by letting go we have also let go of the judgement of ourselves preventing us to be all that we can be? Wouldn’t we then be creating something new that would completely reflect the magnificent being that we truly be?

I do believe that we are all magnificent beings doing an amazing job at hiding. Isn’t it time for us to reveal ourselves to the world? What new possibilities would we create?

How does it get any better than that?

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