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What’s happening to me?

I am listening to one of the recordings that started it all for me. Dr. Dain Heer on a telesumit. My body is tingling. Actually, it is electric. The electricity of the point of views and judgements I have about myself are leaving. It is quite an out of this world experience for me.

The first time I listened to Dr. Dain, I felt good inside. Now my body is recognizing his voice and doing the work without me having any kind of intention but being. I know I have been doing Access Consciousness (TM) for over 9 months now and I realize how much has moved. I am the same yet not the same. I am more caring than I ever was and I am more aware and psychic than I ever knew possible.

I have absolutely no point of view whether you need or should have what I am having. It’s your choice and I love that you are making it. This post is simply a celebration of what is possible. I am so grateful to myself for having the courage to let go of anything I knew and welcome what I did not know. I embrace it all. I may look silly and sound totally weird but nothing has ever felt more right to me.

If you are curious, check out the links above and ask me any question you have. Access is all over the world and transforming people’s lives. But don’t take my word for it!

What else is possible?



Day 28 through 30 – Meeting Me for the first time

I just did a 4 day class with Access Consciousness Facilitator Lisa Guisiana and it shattered any idea of what I thought the world was like and who I was for that matter.

And that is a good thing.

I just went shopping at a mall because I wanted to find clothes that reflected more who I was. And every time I picked something, I realized I was either thinking about 1 person or a group of people who would like it. I kept wondering what I wanted just for me.

Then I realized that it did not matter. It did not matter that someone else liked it or that I was buying it for them or for me. It does not matter as long as I am completely aware of it, choosing to either do it or not and that it reflects my priorities in this moment.

That was big for me. I am a new business owner and I was used to “dress for the job”, may it be as an employee, a mom, a friend, an artist. I knew what I liked in these roles. But as a business owner, I get to choose who I want to be all the time. Of course, this is why I am choosing to be a business owner but this is the first time I got it.

However, in the same stroke, the people I am looking to do business with respond more to certain ways of being. One way was make up. I don’t wear make up and don’t particularly like it. But I keep hearing how it is a way to “honor” our clients. That pi***d me off a little. I respect my clients as well without make up. Then I realized that my clients enjoy seeing someone with make up. So by wearing make up I am acknowledging them and I can do it in a way that honors myself too.

What I realized today was that who I am is a blank canevas at all times. I get to choose every 10 seconds who I choose to be in that moment and there  is never a wrong choice.

I started this 30 day challenge to see what I could create with my thoughts. The truth is I am creating whatever I am choosing in this moment. And that means I get to create again and again.

How does it get any better than this?

What if our children really did know better?

It is Sunday night, about 8:30 PM and I am trying to put my daughters to bed. They had a lot of fun today, visiting with dinosaurs, drawing on Mommy’s iPad, sleeping, eating, watching TV. Life is good. So why close their eyes and sleep?

Honestly, I just want my “grown up time”. And when my daughter cries for the 100th time “I want more TV”, something inside tells me “what if she knew better?”. So I let her go back to the TV, and of course, within the next 15 minutes, they are both asleep.

Yes, I was told they need a good night sleep, to brush their teeth, to eat their vegetables, etc. But what if they knew what’s best for themselves? Who am I to say they need to be exactly like every other child on the planet? In fact, who knows what every child needs? Not me!

As an adult, I spent a great deal of time remembering what it’s like to be a child. What if we never had to forget?

In all of the growing up I did, I know one thing for sure: I am the only one who knows what’s best for me. So how do I know at what age I know what’s best for me? What if it started at birth? I know that when my child was a newborn, I let her tell me when she was hungry or tired. So when did I start telling my children when they are supposed to eat and sleep?

Yes, there are certain structures (school, family meals) that will influence some of when they should eat or sleep. But I bet you their little bodies know exactly how to adapt to these events. In fact, I bet you the only way for them to adapt and digest properly or get the rest needed is if I do let them tell me when, how much and how long.

If like me you know your child to be a bright light meant to shine on this world (like the song says), will you join me in letting our children tell us what they need?

How does it get any better than this?

Who wants to change anything when told they are wrong?

Like many people around the world I know that the system we currently have to function is no longer working. It is a manifestation of our ancestors and I am grateful that they have created a place where freedom, love and peace exist. I love that I can fly to anywhere in the world safely. I love that I can speak instantly via video to my parents 5,000 miles away from me. I love that I can freely walk in the streets of my neighborhood without being insulted. I love that I can teach my kids that their school may have a different value system than I.

So I am truly grateful for everything my and your ancestors have created. But now that we know equality, now that we know freedom and now that we are willing to expand our consciousness beyond what was openly discussed 50 years ago, I believe now is the time for a much more profound change.

Occupy is a symptom of the need to change something but I don’t believe they have truly offered a solution that encompasses every one’s desires.

What if we stopped judging each other for our different desires. I am tired of hearing the so called gurus talk about “Corporate Greed”. I don’t know about you but greed is a heavy word for me and until we are all able to accept that the current situation is as much my responsibility as theirs or yours, nothing will change. Would you like it if I called you or your parent greedy? You may agree or disagree with it, but you would not like it.

So what if we stopped judging anything and started choosing? What if we just starting asking ourselves “What else is possible?”. I do thank Access Consciousness for this new possibility in my life but you don’t need to take up a new modality to start asking more questions. Invite others to do the same.

How does it get any better than this?

What is beyond the money, the relationship or the career?

When I think about the things I have pursued in my life I can easily categorize them in things that every one is familiar with: money, relationships, career, body, material acquisitions. And the truth is I still love these things. I have no shame in how much I love my money, my husband, my kids, my ipad and the difference I have made in people’s lives so far.

But last night I realized I was suddenly hungry for something else. I am not hungry for more of anything. I have recently felt one with all things so having more of anything would mean that I am less of anything. And that is not who I am. So it’s not about more.

I am certainly hungry to put in practice the super powers that I have recently acknowledged in my “superhero” series. I know that as kids we all struggled to fit into this world of do’s and dont’s and as adults we are trying to remember what it was that we so much wanted to say as kids. And I know that it has something to do with “simply will it”. My dear friend and brilliant coach Jeannette Maw recently asked me what “Creative Power I was sitting on”. I am not exactly sure how to define it yet, but I know it has to do with the creative power of bliss. I know that when I laugh, everything seems possible. I know that when others laugh with me, more than what I thought possible becomes possible.

I am willing to take it on. So Universe, what will it take for me to reveal to the world my power to create anything through joy and laughter?

What power are you willing to reveal to the world?

How does it get any better than this?

Day 30 – I’ve done it!

When I “changed the rules” on my last 30 days challenge and ended it at 20 days, I was nervous about finishing another round of 30 days. But I totally did it and I have had some amazing success with it!

I AM IT!!!!

I have come to learn so many ways that I am it in my life. I am it regardless of what I want, need or dream of. I am everything I always desired, right now, in this moment. I am a contribution, I am needing you, Iam in love with the world, I am it all.

By being IT I get to choose something every moment. Now is a choice, always. These last 30 days were about me finding me. Not in finding my purpose or what roles I choose in this world, but finding me as in the me that can choose anything she wants. I chose the movie to help me experience it all and as I am writing this I am proud to say that the movie is going along fine. We have the song down now and I am super psyched to share it with you in the next few months.I have an incredible producer, an artist who may lead us into song and many many more creative people about to join us in this incredibly rich adventure!

So to close this 30 day challenge, I will now share the new title of the movie: “NOW Is The Time To Rock!”.

How does it get any better than this?


Day 29 – How do I get every one to go faster?

I have things in place, things created, and I am ready for action. So when I look around and see the people I want to be involved with not working at the same speed than me, my first impulse is to ask: Universe, how do I get THEM to go faster?

There are several things wrong with that question. First, the question is not about me, it’s about others. The problem is, I control my universe, yes, but not others’. I can’t get anyone to do anything. (Thank god, because that means they can’t get me to do anything either).

So I got to ask another question. Universe, what can I create or be that would allow me to see every one at the same speed as me in my universe? Ha ha! That feels lighter already. Note, I don’t know the answer. But that question gives me the power to create, be and see.

While I will let the universe show me what I can create and be, I can start by seeing. OK, I am noticing all the cars on the road driving at the same speed as I do in a way that prevents carnage. Good. I also see inspiration coming through in many ways. I see how much these people I want to be involved with are being their words and respecting their own deadlines.

That sure feels better.

What question are you asking that can be turned around to give you more power?

How does it get any better than that?

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