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I felt so much tension in my body this morning I knew there was something I wanted to say that I was not saying. I had been trying to ask someone to do something with me and every time I was about to ask them the conversation turned to another topic. And I made it mean I was not supposed to ask. (I did not even ask a question about it!)

But it kept coming up so I just did it. And when they answered yes I felt so much lightness and expansion I knew this was the “right” choice.

So how many times have you stopped yourself because it was too scary? Or because it did not look “in the flow”?

What if taking a risk was the step that was required right now for you to move forward?

What if you don’t take a risk you die?

Do you have some kind of ailment that keeps coming back no matter what you do? Do you have a situation that won’t budget no matter how much thinking and efforting you have taken on? What if all that was required was to do that one thing you think is crazy or makes no sense at all?

What if you reserved a hotel in the place you want to visit so badly and then figure out how to get there? What if you asked that hot guy or hot girl out and finally get an answer? What if you borrowed money to take that class and see what you can create from there? What if you moved across country without knowing where you will land?

What if asking the question you wanted to ask would deliver everything you ever dreamt of?

How does it get any better than this?


I used to do stand up comedy. My favorite thing about it was that I could tell my true stories and make people laugh. The truer, the funnier. So when Access Consciousness tells me “The truth will make you feel lighter and a lie will make you feel heavier”, I know I have already experienced it.

I was in my shower today exploring new possibilities for my business when a giggle took over me. I first wondered what was so funny. Then I realized I was just seeing how true the new ideas were for me.

I often hear people talk about truth and feeling good as two different things. But what if it was not? What if you felt good because you knew whatever you were saying, being, or doing was true? Would that make movies and books much closer to textbooks or documentaries? Yes!!!!!

And what if every time you heard something that made you feel heavy, restricted or closing doors it was false? Wouldn’t that make the news a whole lot of BS?

You see what I mean 🙂

I bet now you can’t wait to see what makes you giggle?

How does it get any better than that?


I am always looking for ways to combine my two loves: filmmaking and celebration. As I am reading interviews with Oscar nominees, I thought I would give them a few tips of what it takes to pull a “Meryl Streep”. She has received 18 nominations and already won twice. Doing good work is what got them nominated, and while winning may not be the thing that would actually expand their universe even more, they are many ways they can use this opportunity to continue growing and doing what they love. 1 – Match the vibration. Now that you have entered the circle of nominated people you get to hang out with previous winners and people who have done this for a living for a long time. When you meet them, how do they be? Do they walk slowly and look at you in the eyes when they shake hands? Does the energy feel light around them? Do they walk knowing they have a true purpose in their lives? Find the one that matches what you want the best and ask for that energy to be yours. Yep, the energy will follow and no, you are not taking anything away from them. 2 – Show the world who you truly be. We are all magnificent beings. When you stand like you know it, people notice and those who do not allow themselves to recognize how brilliant they are want to thank you for giving them permission to do so. Just stand there, smile and know that who you be makes a difference. 3 – When you pick your outfit, ask if it will expand your universe. While winning is not necessary the goal of the adventure, enjoying the night and feeling like a million bucks is. If the outfit you pick does not respond with a sounding yes, don’t pick it. What would it take for you to make a stance as to how beautiful you truly be? (I put some inspiration in the photo attached). And don’t forget to ask, How does it get any better than this?

We are now at least one month into 2012 and I can certainly feel that this year, something is shifting.

I am definitely learning all about the new paradigms and I am also incorporating them in my body and my living. But once expression keeps hanging around my head “Just for me, Just for fun” (it is something I heard in an Access Consciousness class).

When we transform and we find something yummy and delicious we want to share it with the world. I know I do.

But one reason we love Magic so much is because it is unexpected. It does not conform with the rules of this world. And when we watch Magic, we can either keep wondering “How they did it?” or simply enjoy the show.

There is no wrong answer.

Recognize you are a magician and start practicing. Or continue enjoying the show and support those that do Magic. And if you change your mind, that’s cool too!

But if you are asking yourself if you are Magic, if Magic is in you and if you can change the reality of many people, you are. There are so many ways you are magical, contact me and we will start the discussion!

What else is possible?

I just did a 4 day class with Access Consciousness Facilitator Lisa Guisiana and it shattered any idea of what I thought the world was like and who I was for that matter.

And that is a good thing.

I just went shopping at a mall because I wanted to find clothes that reflected more who I was. And every time I picked something, I realized I was either thinking about 1 person or a group of people who would like it. I kept wondering what I wanted just for me.

Then I realized that it did not matter. It did not matter that someone else liked it or that I was buying it for them or for me. It does not matter as long as I am completely aware of it, choosing to either do it or not and that it reflects my priorities in this moment.

That was big for me. I am a new business owner and I was used to “dress for the job”, may it be as an employee, a mom, a friend, an artist. I knew what I liked in these roles. But as a business owner, I get to choose who I want to be all the time. Of course, this is why I am choosing to be a business owner but this is the first time I got it.

However, in the same stroke, the people I am looking to do business with respond more to certain ways of being. One way was make up. I don’t wear make up and don’t particularly like it. But I keep hearing how it is a way to “honor” our clients. That pi***d me off a little. I respect my clients as well without make up. Then I realized that my clients enjoy seeing someone with make up. So by wearing make up I am acknowledging them and I can do it in a way that honors myself too.

What I realized today was that who I am is a blank canevas at all times. I get to choose every 10 seconds who I choose to be in that moment and there  is never a wrong choice.

I started this 30 day challenge to see what I could create with my thoughts. The truth is I am creating whatever I am choosing in this moment. And that means I get to create again and again.

How does it get any better than this?

Has any of you experienced a change in common time structures like how many hours something should take or how long people need to do something, or even how long it takes to go from point A to point B?

I have and it’s amazing!

It started with going somewhere. I would look up directions on google map, it would tell me 35 minutes and I would be somewhere in 20. Or I go to get my car “Smog checked” and it takes less than 10 minutes (same for my oil, battery and car filters change in less than 20 minutes).

I have received the intuition to give people shorter sessions for the energy work that I do. They are very powerful and the energy moves quickly. For some reason, the urgency adds to the ease to let go. It becomes easier. May be that is the only (and last) piece of tension we are allowing within ourselves for complete healing?

I have been over the fact that time is an illusion in other posts. I use to think it was something we would play with as needed, and I have been playing with it. But like many other things we don’t quite consider fully, Time is also an entity of its own. It expands and contract as needed yes but it also supports us in all the ways we ask the universe to support us.

Now that I have made time my friend, I often find that if I release stress around time controlled events, they turn out to be better than I imagined.

In which ways have you noticed time is on your side?

How does it get any better than this?

I started this video summit because it felt really fun. I connected with amazing people and got to laugh. I created something from A to Z, learning all that it took and more. I launched the creation. Other people enjoyed it. They told me about it. It is really cool.

But I know inside my gut that it does not stop there. This is cool, really cool, yet I know more is possible. So I ask what else is possible, what contribution can I be? And I get more answers. I am now creating a Blissful Living community to invite people to share their own tips. And I am having more and more ideas on what people may enjoy 🙂

I was often asked when I would be satisfied when I was younger because I was one of these people who kept moving, kept learning, kept dreaming about something else. And I did think for a while that there was something wrong with me.

But now I totally get it. The energy does not stop. It keeps flowing, it keeps changing. And the more I tune in the energy around me the more I see new possibilities for myself and those around me.

If the energy does not stop, and since I am made of energy, there is no way I can stop. I do not even want to stop. It is too exciting and thrilling.

How does it get any better than this?

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