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Day 3 – Shutting down the lies

I will be teaching an Access Bars class on January 13th and I started having all kind of interesting thoughts about it. “What if no one showed up?” being the one that came up first and more frequently. First, when I check if the thought feels light or heavy, it’s heavy. So I know it’s not true. Yep, that voice in your head, it LIES!

Since that is not true, what is true for me? What is true is that there are many people who would love to take my class because they know how good it is πŸ™‚ I love what I do, I love offering a great tool for people to stop that monkey talk and to increase their energy levels. And that’s simply the residual effects from transforming their life and body πŸ™‚ Of course, as soon as I am starting to focus on that, I feel great and that voice is gone!

As I am closing 2011 and celebrating this fantastic year, I am also looking forward to 2012 and what I am creating. And I am noticing how I have been creating by default, listening to that lying voice instead of my inner knowing. How many times did I distract myself with a game, TV or food when a great idea showed up? How many times did I get excited about something and then stopped doing it because “I got busy”. Truth is I was listening to the lying voice saying I could not really do it and I could not really deserve it. Me? You know this is not my inner knowing talking πŸ™‚

My inner knowing is actually quite quiet. It will often give me an image, a sensation and all it takes is for me to notice it. Hence the importance of shutting down the lies. While there are many ways we can shut down the lies, such as meditating, sleeping, spiritual practice, my favorite has been asking questions. What would it take for me to be the energy of everything? Whow, there is no room for lies in that question.

What’s your favorite way of shutting down the lies?


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