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Day 5 – Let’s close this fantastic year in style!

As I am writing this I am living the last few hours of a fantastic year 2011. I must admit a year ago I did not know I was going to make such big changes, learn so much, and create so much. So I am thrilled to see what comes next!

In no specific order, 2011 was the year that I came “home to myself” in so many wyas:

– Move back to California!

– Leave a job that taught me so much and that I had outgrown

– Learn new skills and find out just how amazing I truly am 🙂

– Create a business that makes me feel good all the way down to my liver

– Rebuild new and authentic relationships with myself, my parents, my sister, my husband and several old and new friends!

How does it get any better than that?

Today I intend to continue asking the universe what is it that I am not seeing. What am I not receiving that if I received it would completely transform my awareness? What is required of me to contribute who I truly be to the world?

What else is possible my friends?




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