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Day 2 – How sweet is it to be loved by me?

There really is only one lover I want to please. One person I want to make sure is happy. Only one person I want to weake up next to and say “I love you” to.

And there is only one person who knows me so well that they can actually say or think the thing that will stop me or make me feel small and unloved.

That person is me.

This year, I discovered true love. With myself 🙂 And I also discovered that when I love someone I am loving the part of me I see in them. So there are many days when I am floating on air since I love many wonderful people 🙂

Loving me does not mean simply saying I love me. It means loving me when I mess up, forget, hurt, get angry, do it wrong. It means knowing deep inside that there is truly nothing wrong about me. It means stopping the self-judgement once and for all. Access Consciousness has this beautiful question that we can ask ourselves: “What energy, space and consciousness can I be that would allow me to perceive, know, be and receive the infinite contribution I truly be?” That shakes every fiber of my being, knowing that I am a contribution and that all it takes is for me to know it. I don’t need to get a whole lot of money or some kind of degree or award. I just need to KNOW it.

How does it get any easier than that?


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