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What if it was just all for fun?

Have you ever wondered if we are dreaming or if this is really it? Sometimes I feel like this life is a huge board game and we are all pieces on the board. The difference is, we have free will so we get to tell the players (the Universe) where to move usand what actions to take.

But it really is all for fun. How do I know? Because the more fun I have, the more I get done. The more fun I have, the more money I get. The more fun I have, the more people want to be in my life. The more I have fun, the more I care. The ore I have fun. the more incredibly beautiful and powerful my body feels.

What is fun for me may be different than what is fun for you. So I can’t tell (and NOBODY can) tell you what to do, you got to choose for yourself. And if you are not sure at first, just try different things. In fact, every 10 seconds, make a choice. What are you choosing now? What about now? And what about now? And now?

Isn’t that fun? How much can you create by choosing every 10 seconds, just for fun?

How does it get any better than that?

PS: This blog uses the tools of Access Consciousness(TM). Sophie is an Access Bars Facilitator and offers sessions and classes using the tools of Access to create permanent change. If you could change anything in your life, what would you choose? Visit her website at www.SophieMihalko.com


Day 28 through 30 – Meeting Me for the first time

I just did a 4 day class with Access Consciousness Facilitator Lisa Guisiana and it shattered any idea of what I thought the world was like and who I was for that matter.

And that is a good thing.

I just went shopping at a mall because I wanted to find clothes that reflected more who I was. And every time I picked something, I realized I was either thinking about 1 person or a group of people who would like it. I kept wondering what I wanted just for me.

Then I realized that it did not matter. It did not matter that someone else liked it or that I was buying it for them or for me. It does not matter as long as I am completely aware of it, choosing to either do it or not and that it reflects my priorities in this moment.

That was big for me. I am a new business owner and I was used to “dress for the job”, may it be as an employee, a mom, a friend, an artist. I knew what I liked in these roles. But as a business owner, I get to choose who I want to be all the time. Of course, this is why I am choosing to be a business owner but this is the first time I got it.

However, in the same stroke, the people I am looking to do business with respond more to certain ways of being. One way was make up. I don’t wear make up and don’t particularly like it. But I keep hearing how it is a way to “honor” our clients. That pi***d me off a little. I respect my clients as well without make up. Then I realized that my clients enjoy seeing someone with make up. So by wearing make up I am acknowledging them and I can do it in a way that honors myself too.

What I realized today was that who I am is a blank canevas at all times. I get to choose every 10 seconds who I choose to be in that moment and there  is never a wrong choice.

I started this 30 day challenge to see what I could create with my thoughts. The truth is I am creating whatever I am choosing in this moment. And that means I get to create again and again.

How does it get any better than this?

Day 10 – Why are we so tough on ourselves?

Just did a video and first thing I did was judging how good I was. Of course, I know better than accepting that and also went and saw all the things that went right.

But then I remembered how Access Consciousness teaches me to stop judging anything as right or wrong. So I watched the video without any judgement and saw something amazing come out of it. A story, the story I wanted to tell.

But I digress. How often do we go to the thought “I am not good enough” after we create something? Why” Yes, we may have had some programming that triggers this reaction. But I actually start to see how by doing this we are actually acknowledging how we are responsible for our life. If something is not as we would like it to be, then we are the one responsible for it.

And we are. But that does not make us wrong. We simply chose something that we no longer want to choose. The old programming says “if it does not please you or someone then it’s wrong”. That is not correct. If it does not please you or someone else, you just chose something different. Love it!

What would it take for the world to embrace choice and let go of anything wrong? What if there was never any wrong choice?

How does it get any better than that?

What if we could start over?

Every morning, I wake up asking myself who do I want to be today? Knowing that I have a choice, that I do make that choice (consciously or not) is a very refreshing thought. I get to start over if I want to. In this present moment, it does not matter what happened 10 seconds ago and I can only create now what will happen 10 seconds later 🙂

So when I hear about the European Debt crisis or the difficult economic recession, I wonder what if we all started over? Obviously, there are a lot of things that no longer work for many people in the economic and political structures that our ancestors put in place. So what if we forgot about all of it and decided right now what we want to create?

It is scary and exciting at the same time, isn’t it? What is the difference? It is the same energy. One you are looking at the situation through the lens of doom and lack of faith, and the other through the lens of possibility. What if both were true? Which one would YOU choose?

I am hearing some of your thoughts already and I know many think it is not possible to “start over”. Well, when Germany entered World War Two their economy was so bad that they had to carry a whole bag of coins to buy a loaf of bread. Today they are one of the richest nation in the Western Europe. So think again.

Also, regardless of your faith,when you think it is not possible to start over, consider who is thinking this. The part of you who went to school and reads papers or watches TV or the part of you who loves, hopes, dreams and knows?

We do get to start over, and so does the structured we put in place. How does it get any better than this?

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