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Day 1 – A New, Exciting Challenge!

Yes, Cyndi and I have agreed to start a new 30 day challenge and I have been thinking about it for days. I could not wait to come back here and share with you the exciting new adventure I am embarking on!!!!

A quick update: I am currently on vacation in France with my family. It is going very well. I am appreciating all the different situations and conversations and learning to let go of judgement and find my happy place quickly. It is fun. The day I left for France I was called in the office of the HR director where I work. I was told my position was being cut in the budget cuts and my last day would be August 19. Fortunately, this is something I knew was possible and I was ready. Very quickly my husband and I decided to move to California to pursue our dream careers and now all kind of interesting decisions are coming up. Many relate to money so here is the new challenge for 30 days:


Yep for 30 days I am being, thinking, acting, feeling like a millionaire. For instance, instead of saying “I can’t do this because I don’t have the money”, I will ask: “What would it take for $xxxxxx to come into my bank account?”

Over the next few days, I will explain how I have been starting to think like a millionaire. One interesting thought that I will give away today is this. The last time I went shopping, I did not buy much. Because as a millionaire, don’t I already have so many beautiful things?

What would it take for you to start being a millionaire?


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