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What’s happening to me?

I am listening to one of the recordings that started it all for me. Dr. Dain Heer on a telesumit. My body is tingling. Actually, it is electric. The electricity of the point of views and judgements I have about myself are leaving. It is quite an out of this world experience for me.

The first time I listened to Dr. Dain, I felt good inside. Now my body is recognizing his voice and doing the work without me having any kind of intention but being. I know I have been doing Access Consciousness (TM) for over 9 months now and I realize how much has moved. I am the same yet not the same. I am more caring than I ever was and I am more aware and psychic than I ever knew possible.

I have absolutely no point of view whether you need or should have what I am having. It’s your choice and I love that you are making it. This post is simply a celebration of what is possible. I am so grateful to myself for having the courage to let go of anything I knew and welcome what I did not know. I embrace it all. I may look silly and sound totally weird but nothing has ever felt more right to me.

If you are curious, check out the links above and ask me any question you have. Access is all over the world and transforming people’s lives. But don’t take my word for it!

What else is possible?



Day 8 – Why are we holding on?

I just went through an amazing Access Consciousness proces with Dr. Dain Heer where he invited us to destroy the reality as we knew it to create something new. I realized how much I liked some of my current reality and I was not sure I was ready to let it go.

I face this often with my clients when I do Bars sessions. When something comes up and I ask if they are willing to uncreate and destroy all of it (let go of something), many answer first “I am not sure”. They want to know what will happen when they let go.

We prefer something that does not work to something blank where we get to create.

Yes, I understand. The blank canevas syndrom can be scary. What if what we create is no better than what we have created so far? May be. But what if by letting go we have also let go of the judgement of ourselves preventing us to be all that we can be? Wouldn’t we then be creating something new that would completely reflect the magnificent being that we truly be?

I do believe that we are all magnificent beings doing an amazing job at hiding. Isn’t it time for us to reveal ourselves to the world? What new possibilities would we create?

How does it get any better than that?

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