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Day 9 -Let’s talk about anger :)

Lately I have been hearing many thought leaders talk about “being responsible about our own energy”. Since the world is made of energy and we are affecting it all by what we project, it does make sense to start taking responsibility for the energy we be.

How do we do that? It does require to be aware of our energy first. The first easy answer is how do we feel? If we feel good, we are probably being love, peace, and other yummy feelings. And when we feel bad, we are probably being the opposite energy, energies we don’t really want to see reflected into our world.

But what about anger? I use to do anger a lot. And I got a lot back to. I got people angry at me and I got reasons to be angry. But the truth is anger is not really an energy, it is more a residual effect. If I do anger because I am being a victim, then the world will reflect victimhood to me. But if I do anger because I am being empowered, the world will reflect back more empowered people.

The cool thing about doing anger when I am the energy of being empowered is that I do not project any victim or powerless or fight energy into the world. I actually from a space of possibility. When was the last time you stood up for yourself? That’s doing anger from the energy of being empowered.

What will it take for us to be responsible for the energy we project into the world and always choose to do anger from the place of being empowered?

What else is possible?


Day 6 – Who’s in charge? I’m in charge!

This morning was a difficult slow wake up call. I resisted my body’s desire to go to sleep before midnight so I am sleepy this morning. And when my stomach is suddenly not cooperating as usual, I had a good talk with my body: what are you doing?

My body answered the following: following your instructions. My body tried to get me to bed because yesterday all I could think of was sleep. And then my stomach did its “get rid of toxins” thing because I was very intentional last night about thanking 2011 and leaving it behind. So it’s getting rid of anything I no longer need. My body knows what I need 🙂

My daughter was having a fit this morning because I would not give her a third serving of sweets! She said crying: I am the boss! I told her she was right, she was the boss and here is how it worked: anytime something happened she could decide whether to be happy or sad.

So easy to forget for me! Thank you dear body and dear daughter for reminding me that I am in charge. What would it take for me to be the energy of being in control of my reality?

Have you acknowledged today how much you are in charge?

How does it get any better than that?


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