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Day 1- What could I create with my thoughts?

Yep, you guessed right, I am starting a new 30 day challenge! The first 4 I did were so amazing I don’t want to stop it!!!

Since I always talk about the creative power of our thoughts, I am wanting to be very deliberate about mine. I just watched Gregg Braden’s “Science of Miracles” and I am starting to understand how emotions fuel the creative power of thoughts. So I am willing to experiment every day. Reminding myself every morning that “All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory” (Mantra of Access Consciousness) I can start by asking “what would it take for me to easily see the actualization of my most amazing thoughts into my world?” and let the universe deliver….

I can’t wait to see what I will be creating! Of course, the first thing to take care of is any belief that may be offering some resistance to the creation. When I imagine being independently wealthy I certainly have the thoughts of “How I am going to make it happen” come in my head. That would mean I still believe I am making anything happen :). I am simply inviting the universe to deliver the people, circumstances and feelings that would lead me to take inspired actions and result in large amount of cash in my bank account.

See what I did? I did not fight the idea that I need to make anything happen. I simply focused on something that feels lighter, hence that is true for me. Plus, if I have any remaining energy around that thought that is heavy, I can clear it using the tools of Access.

If during the day my thoughts start diverging from my dominant thought a quick thing I can do is focus on one thing that shows me independence (I chose what I had for lunch) or wealth (I pay all my bills on time, I live in a household with two cars, I own diamond jewelry, etc.). It quickly allows me to return to the feeling of independent wealth and back on track with my creative thoughts 🙂

How does it get ny better than that?


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