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Day 13 – It all happens with an intention

I have been aware of the poer of intentions for a while but I often discard it as “not powerful enough” to make anything happen.

And then I listened to Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness, talk about how knowing, truth, awareness feel like a gentle breeze somewhere in or on your body. That was such a different expression of what I considered Power was that it made me realize how truly efficient Intentions are.

An intention is the soft and firm request we make of the universe to be in vibrational alignment with whatever it is makes us happy in this moment.

I remember as a kid playing a game that always worked. When I wanted something really bad I would tell myself I would not get it. I would be prepared to not get it. And of course, I would always get it. What I was doing was taking the pressure off, making it a gentle request instead of a forced demand.

Access Consciousness teaches us to ask questions for everything and anything. It does the same thing for me. When I ask “What can I generate, create or institute that would bring me money now and in the future?” I am basically setting a soft intention. I am also telling the UniverseĀ I do not know the how and I am open to receiving whatever energy it will take.

I actually created a Deliberate Creator Planner around intentions. It is available here.

How does it get any better than this?


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