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My advice to Oscar nominees or how to win like Meryl Streep

I am always looking for ways to combine my two loves: filmmaking and celebration. As I am reading interviews with Oscar nominees, I thought I would give them a few tips of what it takes to pull a “Meryl Streep”. She has received 18 nominations and already won twice. Doing good work is what got them nominated, and while winning may not be the thing that would actually expand their universe even more, they are many ways they can use this opportunity to continue growing and doing what they love. 1 – Match the vibration. Now that you have entered the circle of nominated people you get to hang out with previous winners and people who have done this for a living for a long time. When you meet them, how do they be? Do they walk slowly and look at you in the eyes when they shake hands? Does the energy feel light around them? Do they walk knowing they have a true purpose in their lives? Find the one that matches what you want the best and ask for that energy to be yours. Yep, the energy will follow and no, you are not taking anything away from them. 2 – Show the world who you truly be. We are all magnificent beings. When you stand like you know it, people notice and those who do not allow themselves to recognize how brilliant they are want to thank you for giving them permission to do so. Just stand there, smile and know that who you be makes a difference. 3 – When you pick your outfit, ask if it will expand your universe. While winning is not necessary the goal of the adventure, enjoying the night and feeling like a million bucks is. If the outfit you pick does not respond with a sounding yes, don’t pick it. What would it take for you to make a stance as to how beautiful you truly be? (I put some inspiration in the photo attached). And don’t forget to ask, How does it get any better than this?


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