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What if we could start over?

Every morning, I wake up asking myself who do I want to be today? Knowing that I have a choice, that I do make that choice (consciously or not) is a very refreshing thought. I get to start over if I want to. In this present moment, it does not matter what happened 10 seconds ago and I can only create now what will happen 10 seconds later šŸ™‚

So when I hear about the European Debt crisis or the difficult economic recession, I wonder what if we all started over? Obviously, there are a lot of things that no longer work for many people in the economic and political structures that our ancestors put in place. So what if we forgot about all of it and decided right now what we want to create?

It is scary and exciting at the same time, isn’t it? What is the difference? It is the same energy. One you are looking at the situation through theĀ lensĀ of doom and lack of faith, and the other through the lens of possibility. What if both were true? Which one would YOU choose?

I am hearing some of your thoughts already and I know many think it is not possible to “start over”. Well, when Germany entered World War Two their economy was so bad that they had to carry a whole bag of coins to buy a loaf of bread. Today they are one of the richest nation in the Western Europe. So think again.

Also, regardless of your faith,when you think it is not possible to start over, consider who is thinking this. The part of you who went to school and reads papers or watches TV or the part of you who loves, hopes, dreams and knows?

We do get to start over, and so does the structured we put in place. How does it get any better than this?


What you focus on is what you get also relates to Facebook

I have been speaking for quite a while about the power of our thoughts. I don’t believe anyone today will disagree that when you focus your thoughts on a specific topic, may it be positive or negative, it will reflect in your world. Obviously, we have too many thoughts going through our heads every day for all of them to be reflected (however, I am not certain of the validity of that statement, as their may be other realities in which they are reflected), but the dominant ones, the ones you are most certain about, the ones that keep coming back often, they will actualize in this world.

So anytime I read someone complain about something and blame someone else or something else (government, corporation, etc) for it, two thoughts come to mind: 1) They are bringing this more and more into their world. They are right, as this will keep showing up in their world. 2) They have given their power away. By saying something else or someone else is the cause for something, they are cancelling any chance for their own desires to come to fruition because they are telling the universe they are not in control.

Facebook has been recognized by many as a mean to educate and inspire. I agree, I use it for the same reasons. When I post something, I know there is a chance that any number of the 596 friends I have on there will read it. And some of these friends will even share it with their friends and so on. So I know the impact I, or anyone for that matter, can have through Facebook.

Why am I writing this post? I wanted to suggest to anyone using Facebook the same way I do to ask if they are giving their power away or if they are empowering themselves before posting? Does feeding information about “Corporate Greed” or “”Government corruption” help you to take ownership of your life? What if instead you shared the wonderful difference you made with your neighbor or coworker? What if you told us of the involvement you have in your community and the benefits of it? Doesn’t that feel more empowering?

How does it get any better than this?

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