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Day 25 – What am I trying to say?

They all say I have to have a message and clearly define it for the people who will receive best my message.

So what am I trying to say?

I definitely think we are taking everything too seriously

I think we are much bigger than we give ourselves credit for

I think you don’t get to choose for me

I think I can be whatever and whoever I want to be

I think what I want and who I am are two different things

I think wanting something is where we get unhappy

I think being is the coolest thing ever

I think I am cool

I think I love being me

I think you should be you because that’s how I love you

I think I have no clue what to tell you

I think you know all the answers

I think there is nothing to say, but lots of questions to ask

So where do I go with that?

What I am I trying to say?

May be that there is nothing to say but everything to be

How does it get any better than this?


PS: I need to add this: My message is what I am saying today, right now. It was different yesterday and it may change tomorrow. Don’t effort yourself in figuring it  all out now. Relax, your purpose is to have fun 🙂



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