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Day 11 – OK, I admit it…..

I admit it, I am lazy and I like it. At least, that’s how it looks to many people. The truth is that I am really fast at doing certain things and I also do not believe anything good gets done unless I have fun doing it. So from the outside, it just looks like I am playing or doing things easy.

Have you noticed how much story we have around people who play or only do things easy? Lots, right? I know because as soon as I relax with a book, take a nap, watch a fun sitcom or watch a silly cat video on Facebook, I feel guilty. I was taught “well” 🙂

Well I am kind of done with that. I really don’t believe we need to work hard or work long hours. I don’t believe any task that takes effort (meaning anything less than really fun) will bring anything positive. That’s why technology has started to offer the tools we now have.

If you are reading this online, you know the tools the web has provided for making us work faster and more efficiently. But even offline, how many robots, automatic machines have we created to take care of these mundane not so exciting actions?

Now that these actions are easily done, what else is possible? What can we create with our time and energy that we would actually enjoy so much that it would not look like work?

How does it get any better than that?



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