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Pushing beyond what’s known

A few years ago I heard the expression “You don’t know what you don’t know”. So how do you find out? You just need to use your imagination.

When I was a kid I would disconnect from an environment that seemed meaningless and inauthentic and I would go into worlds of magic, where who I was was celebrated and needed. I was a very special person. I had all kind of powers.

Fast forward some 25 years later and as I am learning about “otherworlds” or even hearing speculations around the evolution of our planet and species, I suddenly realize that they are talking about many of the worlds and powers I had hidden behind as a child.

I believe that reality is something that two people or more agree on. So if these people know and see what I knew and saw, then it is real. But where do I start? Someone suggested I started by believing in the images coming to my mind that were not from deductions or analysis. When I meet someone, I will sometimes get a hunch of something not right with their body, or a piece of their history they are wanting to hide. When invited to do so, I started to share the information to be proven right about 90% of the time. Great, I am psychic! Actually, if you know me, you know I am a very left brain kinda person who does spreadsheets to relax. So developing this ability is not something I foresaw or sought. And when I asked myself why me, I get the answer “every one can do it”.

So while being intuitive may not be the superpower you are seeking to express right now, will you at least consider what your ability may be? And if called to do so, will you share it with me / us?

Would you be willing to push beyond the known world and find out what you are really capable of?


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