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It takes “money” to make money

Actually, it takes the feeling of money πŸ™‚ It takes being the energy of money. Once we are the energy of money, we can ask all the necessary questions to actualize it in our bank accounts: what is required? what can I create that will actualize it? what will it take for this money to show up?

Asking these questions will already open up many new possibilities (as long as we let the universe deliver the answer that we cannot possibly know) but asking them from a place of being the money will simply deliver it almost instantemously.

How can I be money? I am glad you asked! Money is energy, so all it takes is being the energy of money. What do you do when you have money? How are you being? How do you hold yourself? How do you speak? What activities do you engage in? If you start doing all of these first, you will feel the energy of money and the rest is history!

But in all honesty, one more thing is required and many people forget about it. If having money does not feel good, in any way shape of form, then money will not show up. Do you feel that you are good enough to receive money? Do you feel that people with money are good enough to be your friends? Do you feel that you are a good manager of money? Do you feel that having money is fun and easy?

If you answered in the negative to any of the above question, you are not feeling good about money. So you have to change that first. It’s actually really easy πŸ™‚ Email me and I will set up a time for us to chat πŸ™‚

Oh and of course, all of the above applies to everything you may desire! Play with it! Have fun!!!!!


What is beyond the money, the relationship or the career?

When I think about the things I have pursued in my life I can easily categorize them in things that every one is familiar with: money, relationships, career, body, material acquisitions. And the truth is I still love these things. I have no shame in how much I love my money, my husband, my kids, my ipad and the difference I have made in people’s lives so far.

But last night I realized I was suddenly hungry for something else. I am not hungry for more of anything. I have recently felt one with all things so having more of anything would mean that I am less of anything. And that is not who I am. So it’s not about more.

I am certainly hungry to put in practice the super powers that I have recently acknowledged in my “superhero” series. I know that as kids we all struggled to fit into this world of do’s and dont’s and as adults we are trying to remember what it was that we so much wanted to say as kids. And I know that it has something to do with “simply will it”. My dear friend and brilliant coach Jeannette Maw recently asked me what “Creative Power I was sitting on”. I am not exactly sure how to define it yet, but I know it has to do with the creative power of bliss. I know that when I laugh, everything seems possible. I know that when others laugh with me, more than what I thought possible becomes possible.

I am willing to take it on. So Universe, what will it take for me to reveal to the world my power to create anything through joy and laughter?

What power are you willing to reveal to the world?

How does it get any better than this?

Day 18 – Am I busy enough to succeed?

Last night Rikka suggested that if we are still thinking and trying to figure it all out, we are probably not busy enough. That made me smile so big!!!! I know exactly what she means. I am definitely someone who has more than one fire to attend and I always felt much more efficient when busy than not. Rikka just gave me the clue as to why!

The mind is a beautiful thing and I love how it works. But let’s face it, the mind loves to remember things. And when you remember something, you bring into the present something from the past. Hence, you can’t be fully present. And if you are not fully present, it becomes much more difficult to listen to your intuition or higher self. And when I have powerfully chosen to follow the Universe guidance for everything in my life, being present is more than important. It’s the only thing that matters. The Universe can only communicate with me in this present moment.

So I love being busy, because it keeps me in the present moment. I will use past memories of energy to bring the same kind of energy into the now if that is the energy I am seeking to create but the details of the moment must fall away for my being to take on the energy fully.

I know, I am starting to sound insane. Good, your mind just left the room. Welcome to your present!

How does it get any better than this?

Day 12 – Are you feeling giddy too? (post may be PG-13)

The last couple of days, in spite of bodily conditions that made me stay in bed all day (cold), I have felt joyful and giddy. I am giddy with anticipation. I can feel the shift in energy in my life and I am loving it.

If you read my blog regularly, you know I believe that everything is energy. And I mean everything. But I have not really experienced it until a couple of days ago when Rikka Zimmermn suggested I made the chair I was sitting in the most orgasmic experience possible. I really did not know what it would look like so I just relaxed and imagined the most comfortable and sensual chair. Wow! The energy flow through my body was so incredible it felt like the chair was “pleasuring” me .

Since then, I have been noticing what feels good and what does not and I firmly stay away from anything that does not feel good (that includes thoughts).

So waking up in this state of bliss in spite of having a cold has triggered my curiosity. Is this something I am doing or the whole world is Shifting? The answer is a combination of both. I believe that because of people like me who consistently focus on what feels good, the whole world energy is shifting and providing us with more than the eyes can see.

I believe now is the perfect time to point this out. I do offer tools to help you refocus your day (check out SophieMihalko.com for more info) but I also would like to request somethign of you.

If you feel tense or worried because of something you heard, read or saw, will you please trun around and find a puppy, a child or something sweet and fun for you? Right away?

Thank you, and I love you even if you choose not to!

In the meantime, what will it take universe for me to experience the physical manifestation of my anticipation?

Day 11 – Have you ever….?

Have you ever did something that felt so good you wanted to share it with the world?

Have you ever sat up at night in bed,Β  not knowing what your next “logical” step is but knowing it will all fall into place?

Have you ever fell in love head over heels but know it will never be and be ok with it?

Have you ever expected a lot of money in your life to show up and it did?

Have you ever felt so good about who you were being you could not give a crap about what others thought of you?

Have you ever gotten a kiss from a child with so much promise, giddiness and simplicity you knew you reached the divine?

Have you ever been so sick you could barely move but your spirit was flying high and your heart talked and said “let me lead you”?

Have you ever said “I am giving up” and saw so much more possibilities there was nothing to give up in the first place?

Have you ever read a bunch of question and just let the answer flow through your body because there was no way you could express THAT?

I just did πŸ™‚

Day 4 – What is it about?

Asking questions means that I open the universe to deliver what I am asking for. Making any decision about anything means that I am closing myself off to more than I thought about. And let’s face it, we can’t think about what we have not thought about yet!

Last night with Rikka Zimmerman, the concept of receiving and then ask came up. That light a big bulb in my head because I felt this was what I was doing here. I made my friend laugh yesterday when I admitted that I did not have a script yet for this sweet film of mine. There are many advantages to that. First, I am starting with a powerful intention and see what comes up of it. Second, I have been asking my world for a producer to step in and I want that producer to own this film as much as me so I am excited to give them the opportunity to develop the story with me.

So what is this sweet film about? It’s about infinite possibilities. It’s about being in a “real” situation and asking ourselves “what else is possible?”. It’s about letting the joy we know we can have shine through our bodies and turn on the joy in others. It’s about a woman who is ready to say “I am having it!”.

What will it take for me to be so it that producers, cast, crew and money pours into my life now?

How does it get any better than this?


Day 3 – How did I get so lucky?

Wow, I asked all my friends to follow this blog carefully yesterday so that they could contribute and all I can say is How did I get so lucky? Wahoo!

Performers are starting to line up and I am thrill to hear back from them!

I have always been doing things on my own so it feels great to ask for help now! How did I get so lucky that I have the best people to ask? you!

I would love to get a producer on board with this. The project is amazing and frees people from old ways of thinking into new possibilities. My ideas keep burgeoning and everything I have been doing in the last couple of years seems to be helping merge all of it. Yahoo!

What will it take for someone who believes in fun, easy and rewarding work to come along?

What will it take for me to be inundated with emails from cast, crew, vendors and investors who want to get involved because this project is so freakin’ awesome?

What will it take for my name to come up in industry conversations?

The first step is to be willing to let myself be seen. I did a class assignment last night that explains who I am and what I do. Letting you all see it here feels like a step in the right direction:

Woo-hoo baby, how does it get any better than this?

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