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Who’s pushing your buttons?

Do you know someone who really pushes your buttons? When you think of them you get that tugging sensation, there is an energy that’s risen?

These people are in your awareness because what’s annoying about them is a part of you you have ignored.

Is your neighbor really too chatty or have you decided that you don’t have anything that important to say?

Is this person really too heavy to wear that dress or are you not acknowledging how beautiful your own body is?

Do these people really spend too much money on frivolous things or do you just not allow yourself to have that much money?

Is this person too preachy or do you just not trust yourself enough to be so loud about what you know?

Are we really polluting the earth are you aware that your own judgements are polluting the world and beyond?

If any of this feels light to you (one of the question opens up more possibilities in your world than the other one), would you give yourself a chance to be annoying, to wear the outfit you would never dare wearing, to claim how much money you REALLY want to receive, to completely trust your awarenesses and to ask what it would take to let go of your judgements?

Would you even share it here?

And if you want to let go of your judgements without having to “work” at it, come take my Bars Class this Sunday. Register here: http://www.accessconsciousness.com/class_details.asp?cid=20111


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