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Day 7 – I can transform anything

So apparently the Heart Math Institue can show you that your emotion will impact the bacteria in a yogurt because it is a living thing. I saw this on the “I AM” documentary by Tom Shadyac and my heart was so happy that I knew I had to share it here.

I know that my emotions influence any human or animal around me. I experience it every day with my children. The documentary showed me that alive cells, like the ones in yogurt, were also influenced by my emotions or thoughts. The experiment on water done by Dr. Masaru Emoto also showed the power of prayer and words on molecules of water.

But what about the things we consider not alive? I have a certain history with computers and every time I get a new one, or a new phone, I gently talk to it, asking it to cooperate with me. It’s been an incredible experience to see a machine recover files “by magic” after a sweet conversation with me.

You see, we are made of the same stuff, so no matter what I want to transform, it knows me and I can do it. It does not even need to be “alive”!

I am just happy that Science, the religion of facts, like I call it, is finally catching up with my inner knowing.

So what will it take for me to transform my body? My car? My home? The roads? Traffic? Oh yeah, that’s right, thoughts and emotions 🙂 I am on it!

How does it get any easier than this?



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