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What if the only thing you needed to protect yourself from was your own thoughts?

I often react negatively to someone who has a story about something dramatic that has happened to them or to someone they know. The reaction often involves thoughts of “this could happen to me, my kids, or someone I care about”. But recently I realize that is only true if I believe it.

Once you give yourself permission to see the creative power you have with your mind, you can not only create anything you want but you can also protect yourself from anything “dangerous”. I used to live in South Central, Los Angeles. The area is known for its gangs and I did see dead bodies more than once. But I had a roommate who grew up in another dangerous neighborhood who never looked scared. She taught me how to walk and how to be in the neighborhood so that people wouldn’t mess with me. And they did not. In my only interaction with a gang member, I was so certain of how safe I was that the gang member walked away without hurting me. I have many other stories like this where anyone else would have chosen the “safest way” and I did not because I was convinced I was safe.

So when I can feel the fear rise up from a “bad story” I quickly ask myself if that ever has happened to me? And if it has not , what are the chances it will. They are usually pretty slim. Next comes the fun part. I ask: what energy can I be so that this event may not actualize in my life? For each story, I get a different answer. So I commit to be that energy. And so far, I have 100% success rate.

Because once you look around you know. Your thoughts create your reality. All of it. So really, the only thing you can ever need to protect yourself from are your own thoughts.

How does it get any better than this?


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