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Day 11 – Have you ever….?

Have you ever did something that felt so good you wanted to share it with the world?

Have you ever sat up at night in bed,  not knowing what your next “logical” step is but knowing it will all fall into place?

Have you ever fell in love head over heels but know it will never be and be ok with it?

Have you ever expected a lot of money in your life to show up and it did?

Have you ever felt so good about who you were being you could not give a crap about what others thought of you?

Have you ever gotten a kiss from a child with so much promise, giddiness and simplicity you knew you reached the divine?

Have you ever been so sick you could barely move but your spirit was flying high and your heart talked and said “let me lead you”?

Have you ever said “I am giving up” and saw so much more possibilities there was nothing to give up in the first place?

Have you ever read a bunch of question and just let the answer flow through your body because there was no way you could express THAT?

I just did 🙂


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